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"Hope Defined" Tissue Paper Collage

Last school year, I created a tissue paper collage lesson inspired by Eric Carle’s “Very Hungry Caterpillar” for elementary students. After the success of the project, I wanted to develop the technique further and pursued creating this portrait.


“Hope Defined,” was inspired by Baraka, a young man in Tanzania impacted by the non-profit work of Convoy of Hope. Using the same style as Carle, this collage uses various pieces of tissue paper to create a vivid and personable portrait. The depth and vivid nature of the medium, as well as the complexities it provides, inspired me to turn it into a lesson plan for high school students.


Pastel Sunflowers

A fun and quick lesson inspired by the beautiful impasto Sunflowers of Vincent van Gogh.  Using a few simple supplies this lesson is an easy afternoon art project for kids of all ages. 

Supporting Multimedia Documents


Presentation Intro

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